Fundraising Ideas – Wristbands are Economical and the Best

Fundraising Ideas – Wristbands are Economical and the Best

In every noble profession or social activity, there will always be the black sheep; but that cannot stop the honest people from carrying on their pro bono efforts in helping the needy and the deserving sections of the society. In Australia, it is good that there is even a dedicated body that has drawn up and keeps updating the codes of conduct for the agencies involved in fundraising. There was this recent report about a conference being held on the Gold Coast with over 700 delegates participating. The government tries to provide for the welfare of the most vulnerable people, but these measures are limited by the funds available with the government and the practical difficulties in the implementation. That’s where local outfits with charitable causes come forward to help. They also need funds and are constantly looking for fundraising ideas Australia businesses use so that the funds collected are utilised in the aid of genuine people.

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The Humble Wristband as a Fundraiser

Those raising funds can come in different categories. It will largely depend on the type and size of pro bono activities that the funds are being augmented. The event to raise funds will also be organised based on such requirements only. One comes across huge music events where international artists perform live and the tickets are priced high enough to match the status of the artist gracing the event. But it should also be noted that organising such events itself costs a lot of money and has to be invested before the required funds can be collected and utilised for the proposed activities. But how do small community projects and local social welfare activities raise funds? They can try charity wristbands. These are made of silicone rubber and have some message printed on them. You can sell them to people interested in making a contribution and your funds can be raised in this fashion.

Build Plans around this Concept

The above is one of the frequently employed fundraising ideas Australia wide. You need not blindly copy this and do what everyone has already attempted in your locality. You can, for example, make your own silicone wristbands. Get them custom designed, and pay a few cents more to get them embossed with your message. If your target buyers are fun loving children, you can even go in for the type that glows in the dark and so on. It is true that when a Good Samaritan buys the wristband, he or she is not doing it for just the way the product looks but to contribute to the cause behind the selling of the bands.

Companies Also Invest for Brand Promotion

Besides getting such wristbands as part of fundraising ideas Australia organizations use, there are also business houses that use the product as a medium to promote their products/brands. The average promotional wristband may be distributed free or sold at a nominal cost. The idea is that when people see the message on a wristband worn by anybody, the brand gets the attention, which is equivalent to advertising on a billboard or through television. The underlying cost to the company would be a fraction of that required for the other channels. The companies may use wristbands as an additional means of promotion and not necessarily the major one. For more information on wristbands, visit

Fundraising efforts today have indeed become fun and more convenient – people ought to be encouraged despite the bottlenecks faced along the way. Be creative and let your good cause prevail – there are ingenious ways to do so.

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